Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update: The lady who won SG$416,000 jackpot at Marina Bay Sands Casino

Initially, when Ms Choo struck the Jackpot at the Jackpot machine, she couldn't believe her eyes, because she thought that it might have been a joke as she has never won anything this big in her life. But as more and more patrons gathered around her, they started to congratulate her and that was when Ms Choo realized it was real.

But that was when Marina Bay Sands' Management stepped in and denied Ms Choo her winning and claimed that it was a "machinery fault", because each jackpot machine was only limited to a jackpot amount of $50,000 and they offered her part cash and part prize of $50,000 cash and a sports car worth $258,962.

The lady was really unhappy with that explanation and claimed that a winning is a winning, and will not settle for anything less than the full amount, because there were many people present at that point of time who witnessed Ms Choo winning the jackpot.
This dispute was widely reported not just locally but also around the world.

Unsatisfied with the casino's reasoning, Ms Choo pressed on with legal pursuit and finally filed a report to The Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA).

3days later, MBS decided to hand Ms Choo her full winnings of $416,000.

Relieved of the outcome, Ms Choo claimed that she will donate half the winning to Charity, because she felt that this was an "accidental winning" and she should help the needys.

I personally felt that the Casino should have offered something of equivalent value to the amount Ms Choo has won, instead of going ahead to dishonour her winning and gave a silly reason such as "machinery fault. Which would anger anyone, even if the amount was $100, $1000 or $10,000.

Come on..... Machinery fault?! If in the very first place, that particular machine was indeed faulty, then why wasn't the floor supervisor alerted or even the staff alerted?
Definitely there must some sort of alert system in-built into the machine which would raise to let the staff on duty know that it was faulty and require attention, since they are all computerized and probably hook up to a centralized computer system which will then further monitor these machines to detect any possibilities for fraud and also the status of these machineries.

Now, let's just imagine that the machine Ms Choo was playing was indeed faulty. If that was the case, why didn't any staff approach her during her course of play, let her know that the machine was faulty and offered to re-imburse some of the credits? But why wait till she hit the jackpot , then walk up to her, break the news to her that the machine was faulty? Did MBS expected her to accept their offer and walk away with $50K cash instead of $416K?

Were they in the right frame of mind anyway or did they thought that Ms Choo was a 3-year old child?

Frankly speaking, even though MBS has finally agreed to settle on the original amount, we do not know how many people has lost their money because the machines were so-called "faulty" but weren't made known to them....

Seriously speaking, that's really sad.


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